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Say Hello to Your New Best Friend, FlightSolutions.org.

If you are like 97% of pilots in existence you need more flight time but have no extra money.  Or, you need a job but don’t have the total time required.  Dispose of this giant Catch 22 of our industry!  Jump on FlightSolutions and meet other pilots in your area to split the cost of building time, network with other pilots for your career, ask a question on our forum, add yourself or your flight school to our directory, and change the way you experience aviation!

Ratings of FBO's, Flight Schools, Hotels, Restaurants and More! Add Yours Now!

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Join us today and share the same experience with thousands of pilots Nation Wide

Rated the #1 Aviation Social Networking Website

Some of the FlightSolutions.org Highlights

Multiple Membership Levels

FlightSolutions is tailored to meet whatever need you might have

Facebook Login/Register integration

Easily register or login with you Facebook account.

Connect with Everyone

Show online status of registered users in real time

Create Networking Groups

Create a group to connect with local pilots.  Split the cost of flying.

FBOgo Integration

We have integrated our unique FBO rating system for you to participate in.  Find awesome FBO’s, write reviews, find exclusive discounts.


Tired of not knowing what is around you when you go to a new airport?  Use our revolutionary system to find awesome restaurants and fun stuff to do on the road.  Add your own points of interest and keep the network growing!


Gain access to hundreds of guides, books, videos, tips, and training.  Get a step up in your fight training or for that next job interview.

Revolutionary Job Board

Job postings by our community.  Company reviews from pilots who actually work there.  Connect with pilots who have been there and done that so you can have a leg up on your competition.  Don’t screw up another interview EVER!


FlightSolutions.org is a professional business network which will showcase you as a pilot, your services, portfolio, and help you build a community around your career.


Build Your Community

FlightSolutions.org lets you get in touch with your aviation community by creating groups.  Find and invite like minded aviators and watch your community grow.  Chat with your group and go flying together!

Create your profile and make connections with other pilots across the country.

FlightSolutions.org is a comprehensive solution to your aviation needs.  We understand the long road to becoming a professional in this industry better than any one else.

Use FlightSolutions to get answers to any question.  Let us help you learn how to go through your training without going broke!

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We believe that everyone needs an opportunity to network on our site.  We offer multiple levels of interaction and membership from free to $19.97/6 months.  Save even more by signing up for the LIFR membership.  Your membership helps us reach out to a larger population to continue to build the network across the nation.  
Trust FlightSolutions to Get you Connected Today!


Presales Question?

If you have questions about membership please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We will be happy to answer any question or field any concern you might have.  Of course, if you aren’t happy with our service we will refund you 2 months worth of membership.

Need Support?

We understand that as you navigate through FlightSolutions you will have questions.  Great news! You can always find a moderator, administrator, or even the CEO on FightSolutions and contact any of them directly.  We are here to help you and enhance your aviation experience and career.

Check the Forum

You can always go to the forum and start a new thread as well.  There are thousands of users on FlightSolutions that will happily help you with any question you might have! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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